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This is the podcast from Success Box which will give you free content on how to become a better you. All value has is viewed as your own discretion. Success Box is here to give you the best value of content ,for a small price. 100% positive vibes and learning to become a better you. listen now on iTunes and all your podcast listening apps. This podcast will you give you the success and knowledge and life examples to help you succeed in every day life, and better yourself to help master your future.

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The 5 Rules Of Life

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“I will keep my thoughts positive, because my thoughts become my words.

I will keep my words positive, because my words become my actions.

I will keep my actions positive, because my actions become my values.

I will keep my values positive, because my values become my destiny.”

Jason Massie, "The Real Person!"

Meet Jason Massie

My name is Jason Massie, and I am a second degree black belt in martial arts. I taught Karate for more then 8 years, and have over 10 years of experience. The highlight of my experience training and teaching karate was that I was able to help people ages 3 – 72 years old with their physical and mental health. I was able to gain the respect from all ages, even though I was only 19 years old at the time. This showed me that what I want to do in life is to help others with their journeys through life.

Creating the best routine for you is the first step to mastering your future, and with all my knowledge I have learned from karate, and life experiences, I want to pass this onto others that want to listen. Starting with this book, I am excited to share with you my experiences, and my knowledge.

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