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How I can help you?

Jason Massie – Design & Learning means working with me means working with professional and grade A designs that suit your needs. Also the photography and videography is outstanding, and top of its class. Of course you are the judge of what you see. The e-learning and podcasts are amazing to watch and listen to, and the free stuff that is coming in unbelievable…


If you are looking for Websites/Business Cards/advertisements or any online marketing needs, then I can help you.


All work I do, I put my full heart into it, with all the love I have to offer, treating this project as if it were my own.


I get that your brand, website, photos and videos will make or break your business, which will make me strive for perfection.


I get that connecting with you and your vision is key. I will do my best to get your vision on any project as close as I can.

Award Winning

I have yet to win any awards, But I am striving to win one soon. Keep that in mind when choosing me for your project.

Help & Support

You will get all the help and support you need from me throughout the process of start to finish of each project.

Who I've worked with

What clients say

"Jason Massie has not only been wonderful with me throughout this entire process, but he also has dedicated a lot of time to finish exactly what I was looking for. I highly reccomend him to anyone who is looking for a complete brand, or just simply photo & video."
Melissa Cultridge

Meet Jason Massie

Design Skill
Graphic Design 97%
Design Skill
Web Design 95%
Design Skill
Developing 89%
Photography Skill
Shooting 96%
Photography Skill
Editing 93%
Videography Skill
Shooting 88%
Videography Skill
Editing 94%
Years in the Field
Years of Education
Effort I Put in to Every Project
Coffee During Projects

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